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Venus, Jupiter & Moon Conjuction

Millions of people worldwide seen a close three way conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the 3 days old crescent moon (zulhijjah) yesterday. People from east side seen it as early as 5.30pm. Furthermore, some lucky viewvers, from some areas of Europe, North West Africa and the North Atlantic Oceon region, have seen another amazing event....the moon covered the Venus for over an hour (lunar occultation). We in malaysia (also major part of East Asia) only seen the conjunction...not the occultation...

An argument for the uniqueness of this event in one's life is the fact that most of the time the moon, Jupiter and Venus come together, they are too close to the Sun or unite at a time when they are not so visible. The next time the two planets and the moon will be as close and visible will be on November the 18th, 2052.

However, the word “close” may be inappropriate for this situation, as Venus and Jupiter are separated by over 800 million kilometers. The two planets are particularly bright and that's because they both have highly reflective clouds that completely envelope them. Furthermore, Venus is Earth's closest neighbor and Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

The planets and the moon are start separating from each other, and we'll have to wait for about 44 years to see this again.

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